Commercial Law

I represent all types of Commercial Real Estate Owners in the preparation and negotiation of Commercial Lease agreements for Mix-Use buildings, Commercial Condominiums, Commercial buildings, warehouses and shopping centers.  I provide very strong leases with clauses that are regularly enforceable by the local Courts to ensure that a Landlord's rights are fully protected in the event a dispute arises with a Commercial tenant.

I repsent many types of Businesses in the negotiation and review of Commercial Lease agreements.  My services include a thorough consultation with the prospective Business owner to disucss the agreed upon lease terms and to determine the best way to protect a Commercial Tenant in the event the business fails.  It is very important to have a clause in every commercial lease that will allow the Business owner to cancel the lease at any time (a GoodGuy Clause) without future liability to the Landlord.  Many Businesses execute leases without this important clause in their leases. 

I represent many forms of businesses with respect to Collection proceedings for unpaid merchandise, goods, and services.  I will always attempt to settle open accounts prior to commencing legal action in order to save my client the time and money to litigate.  If I cannot resolve the account and receive payment for my client, then I will aggressively litigate the matter.

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