Landlord and Tenant

We represent individual homeowners, corporate homeowners, management companies and commercial Landlords with respect to the prosecution of Landlord and Tenant disputes including Non-Payment proceedings, Holdover proceedings, Non-Primary residence proceedings, Drug Holdover proceedings, Nuisance Holdover proceedings, Illegal Apartment Holdovers, DHCR proceedings and HPD proceedings.

New York City has the most complicated set of laws governing Landlord and Tenant proceedings in the entire world.  Most apartments in New York City are regulated by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (commonly known as the "DHCR").  An apartment can be considered free market (no regulation), rent stabilized (regulated) or rent control (regulated).

I have personally prosecuted over 3000 Landlord/Tenant proceedings in my career and have been involved in many difficult cases that required aggressive litigation.  It is important to work with any Attorney who is familiar and up to date with the latest decisions, rules and regulations in this area and practices frequently in this area of the law.

I will continue to keep my clients and prospective new clients informed with the most recent decisions in this area of the law via my monthly newsletter.

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