Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate is a complicated area when it comes to legal disputes.  New York follows general common law principles with respect to Real Estate but also intertwines those principles with some of the most complex laws in the world. 

My experience in Real Estate began as a little boy.  My father was a very succcessful homebuilder who built over 125 homes in many areas of Queens County, predominately Astoria.  I grew up with the smell of sawdust, the sounds of hamers, electric saws, and finally watching my father show his finished product to prospective buyers on Sundays during open houses.  Real Estate, among other things, is a passion of mine which I believe is a valuable asset in the course of my representation of clients in this area of the law.  I come from a family of Real Estate professionals, and as such, you will be represented by a very knowledgable real estate attorney with many years of practical expericence.

Unfortunately, Real Estate is not only about buying and selling real estate.  It is also about understanding your property's legal rights in the event legal action is deemed necessary under the circumstances.

I handle all forms of Real Estate disputes, including but not limited to, Adverse Possession Claims, Discharge of Private Mortgage Actions that can cloud title, Boundary dispute Actions, Petitions for licenses to work on a neighbor's property in order to make a necessary improvement to your home, Actions for Partition where multiple owners of Real Estate can no longer co-exist in the real estate partnership.

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